Moscow proposes international co-operation against the Ukrainian Education Law

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The Russian foreign ministry called for an international co-operation against the Ukrainian education law, which according to the ministry, violates the rights of millions of ethnic Russians, and it is contrary to Ukraine's constitution and Kiev's international commitments.

Although the law does not mention specifically the Russian language, but it is clear that the main purpose of Ukrainian legislators is to abolish the rights of millions of ethnic Russians in Ukraine and to introduce a single language system in a multi-ethnic state, said the statement issued by the Russian foreign ministry on Tuesday.

The statement stressed that "this move is an attempt by ‘Maidan’ actors to implement a full scale Ukrainization of the country’s education system, which is in direct opposition to both the country's constitution and Kiev’s international obligations in the humanitarian sphere."

The ministry has pointed out that the law was sharply criticised by the Hungarian, Polish and Romanian governments, as well as Moldovan President Igor Dodon. Moscow has called for a joint action against the language law.

"We are convinced that collective efforts are needed, among other things, in the forums of international organisations in order to overcome Ukrainian authorities' policies that violate general human rights standards", the statement said.

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