Romanian ambassador to Hungary summoned to the foreign ministry

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Due to the closure of Marosvásárhely Hungarian Language Catholic High School, Romanian Ambassador to Hungary Marius Gabriel Lazurca was summoned to the ministry of foreign affairs on Wednesday.

Parliamentary Secretary of State Levente Magyar told journalists that Hungarian authorities expressed their astonishment over the Romanian government's decision to suspend the operation of the Hungarian language high school just one day after Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó visited Bucharest.

The secretary of state also complained that the decision was not mentioned to the Hungarian foreign minister when visited Romania.

The decision creates an impossible situation for hundreds of ethnic Hungarian parents just a few days before the beginning of the school year.

Hungary considers this sneaky attack on the Catholic Church, the Hungarian minority, and on the affected families as an unfriendly gesture by Romania, he said.

Due to this hostile gesture, the Hungarian government has decided to suspend supporting Romania's applications in various international organisations such as the OECD indefinitely, although it had promised otherwise earlier. The vote on Romania's OECD membership will come up on September 8, which requires the backing of all member states.

In the meantime, he called on Romania to resolve the matter of Hungarian education in Marosvásárhely as soon as possible.

According to the foreign ministry official, Romania has repeatedly promised to solve this problem; now, we obviously, "feel betrayed," just like hundreds of children and parents.

The secretary of state also complained that the parents are intimidated by Romanian authorities.

In the meantime, thousands of people demonstrated in Marosvásárhely against the closure of the Catholic High School.

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