The Darwinian fairy-tale removed from Turkish high school curriculum

Friday, September 22, 2017

Darwin's theory of evolution removed from Turkish high school textbooks. The head of the Turkish National Education Council Alparslan Durmus argued that the theory was too complicated, too controversial and difficult to understand. In the 2017-18 school year, Turkish students can study the theory of evolution only at universities.

The head of the National Education Council said the chapter called "The Beginning of Life and Evolution" would be removed from biology textbooks. In the future, the Darwinian fairy-tale as a subject will be offered only to university students.

Our students do not have the necessary prerequisites and the necessary scientific knowledge to understand such a controversial theory so we decided to remove it from the curriculum said the head of the National Education Council.

According to critics, by removing the theory of evolution - which is the basis of Western style interpretation of the beginning of life on earth - from elementary and highs school textbooks Erdogan tries to implement a world view based on Islam.

The leader of the teachers' trade union Mehmet Balik sharply criticized the move; he argued that by removing the theory of evolution from textbooks the government disregards secularism and wipes out the scientific bases of education from Turkish school system.

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