The municipal council of Esztergályhorváti outsmarted agent provocatours who wanted to turn the village into a migrant vacation spot

Saturday, September 16, 2017

The municipal council of the village of Esztergályhorváti in Zala County outsmarted a team of agent provocateurs who wanted to take a group of migrants from Austria into the village for "vacationing".

An Austrian doctor, who has property in the village teamed up with Migration Aid - an extremist globalist NGO - to take a group of migrants in the village for vacation with the obvious intent to provoke the local population.

The goal might have been to generate anti-migrant reactions in some segments of Hungarian society and use them in the controlled western media as ammunition to attack Hungary and the Hungarian government.

The municipal government however, outsmarted the conspirators by passing a local law requiring property owners to obtaine Hungarian vaccination certificate from foreign assets before renting their properties to them.

The Hungarian liberal press that promoted the initiative is furious about the regulation; however, the agent provocateurs have no choice but abide by the rules and find another "vacation" destination for their clients.



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