There is nothing wrong with the Őcsény protest - PM Viktor Orbán

Friday, September 29, 2017

In reply to a question concerning what the Prime Minister thinks of the fact that locals in the Tolna County town of Őcsény have protested against summer holiday amps for migrant children, Mr. Orbán said he saw “nothing wrong” with it. People don’t want to accept migrants, “they don’t want them in the country and they don’t want them in their village”, he said, adding that “they have been lied to so often with relation to the emigrants that they don’t believe that only children will be coming”.

“Hungarian people love children”, and are always glad to help people in need, but “there have been so many lies with relation to migration that if they are told that children will be coming, the reaction of Hungarians is: first children, then the parents, then family reunion, and there we are in trouble”. “It is quite right that they expressed their opinion loudly, determinedly and clearly”, the Prime Minster said.



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