Advanced negotiations are under way to overhaul the Army's Mi-24 combat helicopters

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Magyar Nemzet has learned that by the end of the month, the ministry of defence will sign a contract with the Russian aircraft manufacturer to overhaul the Army's Mi-24 combat helicopters.

The cabinet allocated 10 billion forints in this year's and next year's budget for the refurbishment of 12 Russian built Mi-24 helicopters not used since 2013.

The move follows the overhaul of five Mi-17 transport helicopters in 2016 by the Russian manufacturer.

Negotiations are currently under way and are already in an advanced stage.

After the overhaul of the Mi-24 helicopter fleet, the Hungarian defence force will have enough helicopters that allow pilots to maintain their operational skills until new ones will be bought in the near future said one source.

In answering a question, a government source confirmed that the refurbished helicopters will be equipped with suitable weaponry.

The problem is that under the successive socialist governments the helicopters' weaponry have been sold.

Mi-24 combat helicopters use primarily 9M114 guided missiles and type S-8 missiles that lifespan can be extended until new weapons will be purchased.

A Russian industrial source indicated at ARMY-2017 International Military-Technical Forum that technically possible to replace these missiles with more modern 9M120 type missiles currently in production, but only after the modernization of the Mi-24 helicopters.

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