Human Rights Lawyer Tamás Gaudi-Nagy calls for amendment of the constitution

Thursday, October 19, 2017

The "Nemzeti Jogvédő Szolgálat" (NJSZ) (National Legal Aid Service) initiates an amendment of the Basic Law to ensure that crimes committed during the police brutality in the autumn of 2006 can't be annulled similar to the crimes committed by the communists after the second world war said Tamás Gaudi-Nagy, the managing director of the organization.

Gaudi stressed that the perpetrators of the crimes, including former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány have never been brought to justice despite overwhelming evidence against them.

It is proven that the failed prime minister personally held briefings to police leaders after the siege of the MTV headquarters on September 18, 2006.

Thanks to the instructions, in the following days police organized a "bloody crackdown" on the streets of Budapest against peaceful Hungarian citizens in order to intimidate the population.

Representatives of the National Legal Aid Service among them MEP Krisztina Morvai, held a press-conference at the 11th anniversary of the 2006 bloody police crackdown. The lawyers of the organization called attention to the fact that the perpetrators of the bloody event still haven't brought to justice.

They presented documents that include 56 victims' testimonies.

Dr. Krisztina Morvai raised the question: what would happen in our country if Gyurcsány remained in power, who used police to put down almost all anti-government demonstrations during his term in power. They have not been apologized since then and haven't shown remorse for the crimes they committed.

At the event, evidence (statements of police leaders at that time) was presented that demonstrates that former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány bears responsibility for the bloody crackdown and he can't escape from being brought to justice.

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The day of the noose draws nearer everyday

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