Hungary sells its MiG-29 fleet

Monday, October 30, 2017

Twenty-three MiG-29 aircraft, and their weaponry are up for sale in "Magyar Nemzeti Vagyonkezelő Zrt" Electronic Auction System.

The combined starting price of the MiG-29 fleet is 4.8 billion forints. The auction started on October 25th, and will run until November 16th.

According to the notice, the prospective buyer must have a license and must make a written declaration that the planned transaction is in full compliance with applicable international and EU laws.

The transaction has to be approved by Russia as well, as there is a contract between Hungary and the Russian Federation specifying that the Hungarian side can't sell Russian made military equipment to third parties without obtaining an agreement from the producer of the aircraft. (Knowing the good relations between the two countries this can't be a problem. It is most likely that Russia had approved the deal before it was made public)

The MiG-29 models retired from active service seven years ago. The air force carried out its last MiG-29 training flight on December 7, 2010.

According to Russian news portal, Bulgaria is interested in buying the jets and using them as spare parts.

Bulgarian officials indicated that they will participate in the auction, which will be held on November 14-16.

Apparently, Bulgaria's MiG-29 fleet is not well maintained and badly need upgrading, as pilots refuse to perform training flights using those aircraft.

Russian news portal writes that Ukraine may also interested in purchasing the MiG-29 jets due to the fact that it can't obtain modern aircraft from western suppliers. However, it is highly unlikely that Russia would approve such a deal writes the Russian website.

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