PM Orbán Viktor: It is a manifestation of God's grace that Hungary today, governed by a Christian government

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Following the rule of anti-Christian, and internationalist forces, we need a government that pursues Christian values, said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán at the national commemoration service on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the beginning of Reformation at "Papp László Sportarena" in Budapest.

It is not a coincidence, but a "manifestation of the grace of God" that today, Hungary has been governed by a government that pursues Christian values said the prime minister.

Viktor Orbán called for the protection of the various forms of Christian way of life, like protection of human dignity, the family, the nation and the religious communities, as well as the preservation of faith that made Europe and Hungary great on the basis of Christ's teachings.

Hungary and the Christian Europe need spiritual and intellectual renewal: "We take our fair share of this process."

He also said "to serve the community is at least as difficult as to serve the people by the various congregations; therefore, I am personally grateful for all the support we receive from our religious communities, be them Protestants or Catholics".

We are grateful for the nation being united once again, and growing stronger every day; also for the fact, that it has regained its vitality, and ability to act. We are grateful that instead of just drifting, the nation has chosen a direction and a star for its own future, said the prime minister, adding that it was a privilege that "providence in the process has used us as a tool like our congregations and the Hungarian communities throughout the Carpathian Basin ".

The prime minister also said that with God's help the government managed to keep the nation standing and kicking while it had to stand up against the relentless pressure by hostile, global forces.

"We do not just want to have a future where everyone will have a job - it's almost done - but we want a society where all forms of work serve the glory of the Lord, from street sweeping to country governance," said the head of government.

According to the prime minister, the outlines of the future are already visible: bridges are being built on the Danube, Hungarian universities are opening in Transylvania, hundreds of nursery schools are being constructed in the Carpathian Basin and today, Hungarians are celebrating together in Felvidék, Transcarpathia, Vajdaság and Erdély. "The peaceful re-unification of the nation," is already in sight said Orbán.

"We already know that truth makes us free, but for the ultimate reunification of the nation we will need another truth that not only free us but also binds us together that not only link the physical parts of the nation, but also unites the souls of Hungarians."

We fight and pray together asking God to bless and to protect Hungarians. "Soli Deo gloria" (Glory to God Alone) concluded his address Prime Minister Orbán Viktor.

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