The 1956 uprising resulted 2700 casualties, most of them under 30 years of age - Central Statistical Office

Monday, October 23, 2017

According to the Central Statistical Office, 2700 people lost their lives during the 1956 uprising, more than half of the dead and almost half of the wounded were under 30 years old.

78 percent of all deaths associated with the uprising - 1945 cases - registered in Budapest.

85 percent of the dead were men, and 15 percent were women.

From October 23, 1956, to the end of the year, the public health service reported nearly 20,000 wounded related to the fighting and treated by the health service.

More than three-quarters of the wounds inflicted by sub-machine gunfire, rifles, shells and grenade explosions - most of the injuries affected the limbs.

Almost half of the wounded were 19 to 30 years old and nearly one quarter of them were under 18 years of age. Outside of Budapest, most of the deaths took place in Pest (68), Bács-Kiskun (64), Győr-Sopron (62), Komárom (53) and Fejér Counties (50).

Nearly 60 percent of the dead were physical workers or their dependents, but the loss of white-collar professionals, soldiers and students were also significant.

Communist authorities released several reports of the data of the October 23rd armed uprising and the subsequent events took place after the invasion of Hungary by Soviet forces, but the reports were only available to a tiny minority of communist officials.

Another previously secret document released by the Statistical Office was compiled on July 13, 1957; it contains the data of people who left the country between October 23, 1956 and April 30, 1957.

According to the publication, until April 6, 1957, 274 704 Hungarian refugees arrived in Austria, and until May 26, 1957, 19,181 people fled to Yugoslavia.

In addition, there are thousands of people who have stayed in Austria only for a short period of time who were not not registered either by Austrian or Hungarian authorities.

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