The overwhelming majority of Hungarians expect PM Viktor Orbán to be re-elected in next year's general election

Sunday, October 22, 2017

According to a poll conducted by "Nézőpont" (Viewpoint) Institute, nearly two-thirds of the adult population (64%) - including 50% of opposition supporters- expect Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to be reelected in next year's general election.

Only 6% expect Jobbik President Gábor Vona to become the next prime minister of the country. The head of the Democratic Coalition Ferenc Gyurcsány received 3% support. The other fringe parties enjoy around 1% support of the total adult population.

Among decided voter, Viktor Orbán's support is even higher (72%), which means that seven out of ten voters expect Viktor Orbán to be reelected in next spring's general election.

Among decided voters, opposition politicians are lagging behind even more. Among active voters Gábor Vona received 6% support while former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány received only 2% support.

Support of the fringe parties is hardly detectable, but by and large it remains within the 1% range.



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