Brussels wants to bring Hungary to heel

Friday, November 10, 2017

“Brussels is placing countries that do not want to accept immigrants under great pressure and they also want to bring Hungary to heel and persuade it to accept the quota system through applying political pressure, financial blackmail and legal manoeuvres”, the Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister’s Parliamentary State Secretary said.

“The machine has swung into operation and the implementation of the resettlement plans has begun”, Csaba Dömötör underlined at his press conference, adding that the first related legislative decisions had been made.

He stressed that the National Consultation is being given particular importance by the fact that they are trying to get us to accept the resentment quota through applying political pressure, financial blackmail and legal manoeuvres.

He recalled that on 19 October the European Parliament’s LIBE Committee had decided that mandatory resettlement programmes with no upper threshold, i.e. with incalculable effects, must be launched. In addition, he added, they want to begin resettling people in countries that they feel have performed badly so far, and while involving NGOs with foggy backgrounds in resettlement procedures. They are even planning to simplify family reunification, thus opening the gates even wider.

According to the State Secretary, the fact that they want to set the programme in stone during a procedure that is occurring behind closed doors is a qualifying circumstance.

We will never get used to Hungary being discredited

“The application of pressure is a clear sign that the head of the EP’s liberal group has once again gone head on against Hungary in a political sense for having the courage to ask its citizens about the resettlement plans”, Mr. Dömötör explained. “We could say that we have got used to this kind of thing coming from Guy Verhofstadt, but we will never get used to Hungary being discredited.

Another sign of increasing pressure is that there will be yet another hearing on Hungary in Brussels.

The third method aimed at bringing Hungary to heel is of a financial nature. The decree adopted by the EP clearly states that the financial resources of countries that reject resettlement will be heavily reduced.

According to the State Secretary, Hungarian opposition parties are having to play an extremely dishonourable and unworthy role in this affair. At home they deny the existence of these plans, while in Brussels they “run around competing with each other to denounce Hungary while not hesitating to vote in favour of resolutions that support resettlement”, he said.

Hungary will not allow others to decide in its place

Mr. Dömötör made it clear that Hungary will not look on in silence while it is by-passed and decisions are made in its place in such an important issue. “In contrast to Guy Verhofstadt, the Hungarian Government is asking for its citizens’ opinion on the resettlement plans. This is what gives the currently ongoing National Consultation particular weight and importance”, he said, adding: “We also recommend to Mr. Verhofstadt that instead of single-mindedly talking down to people he should be courageous and feel free to ask European citizens what they think about immigration and resettlement”.

“Now, we still have a chance to stand up for ourselves. Now, we still have an opportunity to lie down in the path of the resettlement plans. For this reason we are asking all responsible Hungarian citizens to state their opinion and support the Government and the Prime Minister in their fight”
, he emphasised.

“We must act now, because the ball really is in the musket- barrel and later we will no longer have the opportunity to get it out of there”, the State Secretary stressed.



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