Budapest Western Railway Station (Nyugati Pályaudvar) is 140 years old

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Photo: MTI

The Western Railway Station (Nyugati Pályaudvar) was designed by August de Serres and built by the Eiffel Company of Paris. The construction took three years and the iron structure was cast in Paris.

Nyugati Pályaudvar opened in 1877, 12 years before the Eiffel Company built the famous Eiffel tower in Paris. To this date the building has retained its original style. Over the years most of the old iron structure has been re-cast and replaced. On the left side of the impressive hall is the Royal Waiting Room, which is still used from time to time for banquets and receptions. The large hall to the rigth of the main entrance is now home to a McDonald’s. Given the unique style of the building it is often referred to as the most beautiful McDonald’s in the world. --


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