Forces under the Obama administration "pursued ideological colonization" in Central Europe - Mária Schmidt

Thursday, November 30, 2017

According to the Director General of the Terror Museum Mária Schmidt, under the presidency of Barack Obama, forces in the United States pursued "ideological colonization" in Central Europe - the colonization attempt is coordinated with the machinations of businessman George Soros in the region.

Schmidt made this remark in M1 TV evening program on Wednesday; she said she was not sure what other forces were involved in the conspiracy, "but that those forces coordinated their efforts with Soros is certain".

The Hungarian historian added that the Central European region was not always important to the United States; for example, during the Second World War, the US didn't pay much attention to this part of the world.

Schmidt also spoke about her conversation with US Historian Anne Applebaum - she released the content of the conversation to the public just a few days ago. She said: she felt that the American historian was unhappy of the changes taking place in the region - Applebaum especially dislikes what's going on in Poland and Hungary.

(Note: Worth to read the conversation by anyone understands Hungarian. The American journalist didn't have a single, intelligent counter argument to back up her criticism of the Hungarian and Polish political systems; she simply recites old, stale, globalist mantras that most people dismiss as globalist propaganda.)

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Anonymous said...

Hungary needs to ban American attempts to influence the media. This is an outrage. No country should ever allow another country to spend money to sway their politics. That is foreign espionage and an attempt to alter the outcome of a country's sovereignty.

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