Hungary Women's National Gymnastics Team acquired a real pearl from Romania

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Except, European Champion Silver Medallist Zsófia Kovács, since the Barcelona Olympics (1992) there have been no internationally renowned Hungarian female gymnasts.

So the Hungarian Federation is very ecstatic about striking a deal with Romanian Junior European Champion Bronze Medallist Olivia Cimpian who since September Hungarian citizen and has been training in Hungary.

The Hungarian Gymnastics Federation announced two weeks ago that the 16-year-old Romanian gymnast will be competing as a member of the Hungarian national team starting next September. (According to international rules, she has to skip this year's European Championships because switching country)

The young gymnast will be debuting in the Hungarian national team at the Doha World Championships next fall.

Cimpian came to Budapest from the Déva Training Center where many famous Romanian gymnasts also started their career, including Nadia Comaneci.

She attends Budapest Csanádi Árpád High School as a private student and lives in an apartment alone close to the club (Postas SE) where she trains under the guidance of the Head Coach of the Hungarian Women's National Team Imre Draskóczy.

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