MEP Andrea Bocskor: President of the EP supporting minority language use ​​in Europe

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Antonio Tajani, President of the European Parliament (EP) assured representatives of the EU Parliament that he would write to Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko regarding recent changes in minority language use in Ukraine, said MEP Andrea Bocskor on Monday to MTI.

The Transcarpathian Hungarian MEP asked the President of the European Parliament to take a position on the new Ukrainian education law as the preservation of linguistic diversity is part of EU's core values and the right to use mother tongue in education is part of the fundamental rights of all EU citizens.

The Fidesz MEP joined to Romanian member of the European Parliament Cristian Dan Preda, expressing concerns over the new Ukrainian education law drawing attention to the restrictive legislation and its negative impact on Ukrainian minorities.

In his response Tajani stated that he would initiate a meeting with the Ukrainian head of state as soon as possible.

As an associate member of the EU, Ukraine can't enforce a law that is a step back from the point of view of minority protection; it can't take away the rights of tens of thousands of Hungarian, Romanian and Polish children to study in their mother tongue, so it is important for the EP to deal with this issue at the highest level emphasized MEP Andrea Bocskor.

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Anonymous said...

Its very simple. Investigate any agencies or news reporter who would receive this money. Investigate them as the U.S. is investigating claims of Russian influence.

Better yet, set up fake media organizations to try and get some of this money.

This shows the U.S. is a hypocritical country, claiming about other countries meddling in it's election while itself meddling in other countries... including an allied NATO member. This is disgusting, but the Hungarian government already knows about this and will handle it. The first thing the Hungarian government must do is not to give the U.S. a pass on this completely disgusting and brazen attempt at meddling in Hungarian society. That means speak up and make it known that the funds will not be allowed, tolerated, and those people receiving money to wage foreign propaganda campaigns will be held to account.

The U.S. can only dictate its position from it's borders. It will and should not be allowed to meddle in sovereign states, and those states must prevent the U.S. from doing that even if it meaning losing the U.S. as an ally. If you interfere in our country than you're not an ally. Period. Point blank. And Hungary will not be blamed for the deterioration in the alliance since the U.S backstabbers are the ones who have aimed to overthrow the elected government through a foreign funded media campaign.

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