Once again, the burqa is outlawed in Áthotthalm!

Saturday, November 25, 2017

One year after Áthotthalm municipal council passed the first "burka" law, I have once again tabled it (and the municipal council accepted it) albeit with somewhat changed wording - but the basic points remained the same: starting today, burqa is once again banned in Ásotthalom writes the Mayor of Áthotthalm László Toroczkai on facebook.

Although the Constitutional Court annulled our previous decree, we rewrote the regulation basing it on the Austrian burqa law.

The word "Islam" is not included anymore in the text, but the name of that particular costume, which is being used to cover women's face is in it.

Our previous regulation which bans the construction of Mosques in Áthotthalm is still in force because the Constitutional Court didn't annul that decision writes Toroczkai.

We don't give up, because we have a historic responsibility to make sure that in a future Europe - which fate is being decided right now - Hungary will remain a white island concludes his thoughts Toroczkai.

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