Children military camps are popular among both boys and girls

Friday, November 10, 2017

Children military camps are popular among both boys and girls

Following the abolition of military service, there has been a growing demand in recent years for programs where young people can get acquainted with the fundamentals of national defense. For this reason, military high schools have been established across the country - one of them is in Debrecen; and there are also plans to include the subject of basic weapon use in high school curriculum so that students in every educational institution can acquire basic military skills.

In the "Honvédsuli" Association, children are thought how to use weapons. During training sessions, kids camp under the open sky along the Tisza river to learn basic survival skills including treating light wounds they often acquire during these sessions.

Many parents send their children to military training camps because they want trained and disciplined kids. In addition, time spent together in nature bonds kids together from which they benefit later in their lives.

(Congratulations to parents who recognised the fact that exposing young kids to meaningful activities early on make them better human beings. Rather than let them watch TV - the never ending singing contests and other liberal filth students here actually learn something useful from which they benefit later on in their lives.)

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