The government offers to bring the cross from a monument to Saint John Paul II scheduled for demolition to Hungary

Thursday, November 2, 2017

The government would bear the cost involving the relocation of a cross scheduled for removal from a monument to Pope John Paul II in Ploermel, France if the local government of the French city agrees to the proposal, said Péter Szijjártó, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, on Thursday in Budapest.

The Hungarian Embassy in France have already contacted the municipality of the small town of Brittany, but so far, it has not received any response. He added that the cross would be re-erected in St. Benedict Primary and Secondary School in Budaörs.

Szijjártó did not want to comment on the decision of the State Council of France that ordered the removal of the cross from the monument, but added that it is hypocritical and extremely harmful from the point of view of the future of Europe that the decision attacks Christianity and Christian symbols under the pretext of religious tolerance.

According to the minister, curbing Christianity is contrary to the interests of Europe. Such steps, can be considered as measures aiming to eliminate the civilization and culture of the continent.

There are issues today in Europe that no one would have imagined raising before, perhaps, because regardless of people's religious affiliations, no one can argue that Christianity is a major part of European culture said Szijjártó. Is it true that in the 21st century we promote the demolition of Christian monuments and symbols across Europe? Is there freedom for all religious affiliations except for Christians? Asked Szijjártó calling these questions fundamental.

The minister emphasized the need to preserve the Christian character of Europe - those who come here should accept and respect local laws and the traditions of those living here.

According to Szijjártó, illegal immigration threatens Europe's Christian character; making Europe an immigrant continent means that newcomers sooner or later will rewrite local rules.

The eight-meter tall papal monument was erected in Ploermel in 2006; the pope's figure is under a vault, with a cross rising above the statue. The French State Council ratified an earlier ruling by a court on October 25, referring to the 1905 Act on the Separation of the Church and the State. The court ruled that the cross has to be removed from the memorial within 6 months, otherwise the whole monument will be demolished.

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