The rights of national minorities will be on the EU summit agenda initiated by Hungary

Thursday, November 9, 2017


The Eastern Partnership Brussels Summit due on November 24 adopted a Hungarian initiative that clearly states that partner countries can't narrow the rights of national minorities in the field of education complained Ivanna Klimpus-Cincadze, Ukrainian Deputy-Prime Minister for European Integration to the media.

We can see that (on the initiative of Hungary), in the multilateral documents, there are additional wording regarding the Eastern Partnership initiative, but the debate on the final formulation of the document is still ongoing.

We have always respected the rights of national minorities therefore, we understand the wording of the document, but we know what considerations are behind it, said the Ukrainian deputy-prime minister to the media.

Ria Novosti's Russian news agency reported that 38 members of the Lithuanian parliament called on the Hungarian Parliament not to obstruct Ukraine's efforts to join the European Union.

The Lithuanian MPs were shocked that the Hungarian government threatening to block Ukraine's accession to the EU and NATO if Kiev does not change its new education law in accordance with Hungary's wishes.

According to the statement, "such ultimatums are unacceptable especially, if they are formulated by a Central European country". According to Lithuanian lawmakers, the "always sensitive issue" of education and integration of national minorities should be settled by negotiations - Ukraine is trying to do just that. Lithuanian MPs believe that a solution to the question must be found for the satisfaction of all parties.

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