The US offers grants to Hungarian media producers under the title of "Supporting Objective Media in Hungary"

Sunday, November 12, 2017

The U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor (DRL) (Details: offers $ 500,000 grants to media producers operating in the countryside under the title of widening the access of Hungarian citizens to objective information on domestic and global issues.

Multimedia producers, online content providers, radios, NGOs... can apply for the grant.

"DRL’s goal is to support media outlets operating outside the capital in Hungary to produce factbased reporting and increase their audience and economic sustainability. The program should increase citizens’ access to objective information about domestic and global issues of public importance, by enhancing local media’s ability to engage a larger audience, including their print, multimedia, and online readership. The program should improve the quality of local traditional and online media and increase the public’s access to reliable and unbiased information. Program activities could include training for journalists and editors and/or media outlets on creative applications of investigative and data journalism, data analysis, and multimedia content production for reaching a wider local audience; providing coaching, training, technical and financial assistance to media outlets; providing national and international exposure to foster local journalists’ professional development; and small grants and tools to help independent local media engage more effectively with their audiences on topics that are important to the community. Activities could also include opportunities for citizens to build their capacities as citizen journalists."

Applicants must include the objective of their work, how it can lead to "democratic reforms" in the country, but there are no objectives, or public evaluation criteria specified, since anyone can apply; the state department reserves the right to award the grants without debate and negotiation.



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