UPC Hungary makes Russia Today TV Channel available to its customers

Friday, November 17, 2017

UPC Hungary, the largest cable television operator in Hungary makes Russia Today News Service available to its subscribers reported the globalist press -

Tamás Soproni vice-president of the globalist fringe party, Momentum wrote an open letter to the minister of interior complaining about UPC Hungary's business policy.

According to the globalist flunky - whose party successfully torpedoed Hungary's bid to host the 2024 Summer Olympics by collecting enough signatures to launch a referendum on the issue - Russia Today is a propaganda outlet, an extended arm of the Kremlin.

Soproni suggested that Hungary should follow the American example and blacklist the Russian TV channel by labelling it as a foreign agent; this media provider is the real foreign agent and not the foreign funded NGOs argued Soproni.

(Note: Few people will pay attention to these globalist crocodile tears because the majority of the population already understand who are the real enemies of the nation. Hungarians learned the "beneficial effects" of market economy the hard way after the regime change in the 1990s that resulted the looting and pillaging of the country by friendly western "democracies". And ever since, Hungary has joined the European Union it receives only insults from its western friends that are attacking the government on a daily basis.)



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