Viktor Orbán was unanimously reelected as party leader at today's congress

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Fidesz is ready for the general elections said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán after he was re-elected as party leader at Sunday's congress of the governing party.

He stressed that Fidesz never satisfies with just winning an election. We also want to know what is the deeper meaning of winning the next general election, what should we do to make the whole country a winner.

Viktor Orbán has three main tasks for the next term: to fortify what has been achieved so far; to deepen the intellectual and psychological foundations of his policies; and to defend the future of Hungary, because "we finally got ourselves together" he added.

The government should remain in office for at least four more years to reinforce the results achieved so far, so that they become irreversible, said the prime minister.

According to Orbán, today, there is no appetite for change, but instead there is an opposition-changing mood in the country.

Hungarians can't count on the opposition, which opposed the most important decisions in the past couple of years including the family tax credit, tax cuts, women 40 program, the land law, the rescue package for foreign currency holders, and the proposed amendment to the constitution that prohibits resettling migrants in the country - said the prime minister.

Regarding Europe Viktor Orbán had this to say: there are countries that want to move into post-Christian and post-nation era. There are different opinions on the issue, but there will certainly be no unity if they try to force this position on countries that want to chart a different path adding that European unity can be preserved only if we accept each other's differences if we give mutual respect to each other and if we create a free union of European nations instead of creating a "United States of Europe".

Defend Hungary

When we say "defend Hungary", we are saying that we must protect employment, the family, the security of citizens, the rule of law, Hungarian culture and our future - emphasized Viktor Orbán.

According to his words, the "Soros Empire" is threatening Hungary because we are obstructing the plan aiming to liquidate European nation states and to create a Europe with mixed population.

Migration is only a tool for these assets to weaken nation states and give a final blow to Christian culture, the Prime Minister said adding that: "What we have not tolerated from the Soviet Empire, we will certainly not tolerate from the Soros Empire either".

The "Soros Plan" seriously jeopardizes the security of our everyday lives. In several European countries with large immigrant population, terrorist acts have become frequent, crime has multiplied, violence against women has multiplied and anti-Semitism reappeared. This is the scenario we have to avoid said the prime minister.



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