Coptic Diocese founded in Hungary

Monday, December 11, 2017

The establishment of the diocese in Budapest is an important moment in the lives of both Coptic Christians and Hungarians said Priest Khalil Yousef at a press conference on Saturday.

The evolution of the Coptic Church in Hungary is the straightforward consequence of the mission that began in 2004.

The Coptic priest recalled that the Catholic Church had kindly opened its churches to Coptic Christians until they could open their own church in the 18th district of Budapest.

One of the future tasks of the diocese will be to advance relations between the Coptic Church and Hungary said Khalil Yousef adding that the Coptic Church can also play a mediating role in Egyptian-Hungarian relations.

The priest emphasized that the Coptic Church feels the good intentions of the Hungarian government and appreciates its policy of assisting Christians worldwide - this is why the leadership of the church has decided to establish its central European bishopric center in Hungary.

He added that Bishop Giovanni will serve as the head of the church in Hungary; he has come to Hungary to gather the followers of the church and open a new chapter in the Coptic Church's history in Hungary.

Bishop Giovanni recalled the words of Coptic Pope Teodor the Second who said "if they burn our churches, we will pray on the street".

Regarding his duties the bishop remarked that currently, sixty Coptic Christian families have been living in Budapest; but there are also students and workers here who are followers of the Coptic church. He emphasised that his most important task will be to gather the faithful and help young people to integrate into Hungarian society.

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