Fidesz has massive electoral support 4 months before the general elections - the opposition parties are collapsing

Monday, December 11, 2017

Four months before the general elections, Fidesz popularity is soaring, according to a survey by Republikon Institute - opposition parties support are unchanged or decreasing.

It seems that in April 2018 no other party can realistically challenge Fidesz as the governing party is becoming increasingly more popular among voters - it is leading the polls by 57% support.

According to political scientist Zoltan Kiszelly voters are satisfied with the economic situation, so there is no mood to change the government.

According to the expert, the victory of Fidesz is almost certain; the stake is once again the two-thirds majority, like in the previous election that Fidesz won by less than 45% of the vote.

Support for the opposition parties are decreasing or stagnating; according to the survey, the socialist party has 11% support; the Jobbik party is losing voters by a great number, currently, it enjoys 13% support.



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