Israeli politician: Left-wing Jews want to come to power by joining forces with the Jobbik party

Monday, December 11, 2017

According to a member of the Israeli government, left-wing Jews in Hungary want to come to power by joining forces with "anti-Semitic right wing" parties.

Eli Hazan, the director responsible for the Israeli government international affairs, doesn't consider Jobbik's policy shift genuine; according to the director, Jobbik is still an anti-Semitic party, and left-wing Jews in Hungary want to join forces with this extremist right-wing party to come to power. The Israeli politician considers this "coalition of extremism" more dangerous than the activities of George Soros.

Recently, Hungary has been the focus of international attention due to the fight between the Orbán government and Jewish billionaire George Soros. But, there is a much more important issue here that can end in disaster - the alliance between the extreme right and left-wing parties, wrote the Israeli politician.

In his Facebook entry Eli Hazan lists several incidents showing that Jobbik's politicians rightfully called anti-Semitic by both the left-liberal parties and the ruling parties. Among others, he mentioned the ruining of a Holocaust memorial by Jobbik politicians.

The party's character hasn't changed; Jobbik has only made a political shift, and what we are seeing here is that left-wing Jews want to join forces with this anti-Semitic force he wrote.

Eli Hazan mentions "LMP" and "Momentum" as two left-liberal extremist parties with which Jobbik wants to form an election coalition.

What is particularly worrying today in Hungary is the various forms of extremism uniting radical right and left-wing organizations, he wrote.

The politician recalled a statement by former Socialist Prime Minister Péter Medgyessy, according to which political parties can't be fussy when it comes to winning the 2018 election. He also cites Philosopher Ágnes Heller and several other leftist Jews who suggest a "tactical alliance" between left and right wing parties.

There are about 100,000 Jews living in Hungary. According to polls, most of them vote for the left-wing parties. But these Jews do not seem to understand that the end doesn't justify the means. We must learn from history. It was enough to see how liberal forces helped the Nazis coming to power, he wrote.

If Jews in Hungary ignore this historic lesson, they end up again in a situation of helping a right wing party like Jobbik come to power.

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