László Toroczkai could be the next president of Jobbik

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Ervin Nagy, one of the founders of Jobbik, gave an interview to "Figyelő", where he talked about Jobbik's original objectives, Vona's personality, and what voters can expect if Jobbik loses next year's general election.

According to the former vice-president of the Jobbik party, Gábor Vona is a weak leader; after the next year's general election the founder of the Sixty-four Counties Youth Movement and current Mayor of Ásotthalom László Toroczkai could be his successor.

As a president, Vona step by steps gave up the party's original objectives by bringing individuals into the party that held openly anti-Semitic views - like Csanád Szegedi, who back then worked as a T-shirt vendor.

Vona is a "typical seeker" type of personality who gave up his earlier radical conviction and transferred Jobbik into a left wing liberal organization said Ervin Nagy who was a friend of Vona during his time in university.

According to Nagy, right now the leadership of the party operates in a wait and see mode; the expected fall of Vona after next spring's general election may bring the rise of Ásotthalom Mayor László Toroczkai who during the last four years transformed the dying municipality into a prospering town, which is nothing less than a miracle.

Toroczkai also gained world-fame as a frontline fighter during the 2015 migration crisis, when tens of thousands of illegal immigrants flooded the country from Serbia. Ásotthalom as a frontline town heroically resisted the influx. Toroczkai was among the first politicians who called for the erection of a border fence on the Hungarian -Serbian border that eventually got realized by the government.

Ever since, Toroczkai is an outspoken opponent of illegal immigration and the EU policy that wants to eliminate native European cultures by aggressively promoting race mixing and the replacement of Christian values with foreign cultural elements.

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