MEP Krisztina Morvai and Jobbik part company with one other

Friday, December 1, 2017

There have been many rumors about my relationship with the Jobbik party in recent weeks. In this statement, I would like to summarize my most important thoughts on the subject. I also advise readers to view the video in which I talk about the history of my relationship with the party and the values which are still important to me, from which Jobbik has distanced itself.

Several publications accuse me of supporting the anti-immigration policy of Hungary and criticize me for disagreeing with Jobbik's spectacular turnaround; they say because the party has no intention to run me as a candidate in 2019 EP election, "I am offended" - because of this I would like to pursue my political career in the Fidesz party.

These accusations are very disappointing because they suggest that today, in Hungary, a politician can only choose and act on the basis of her personal interests. I believe that an adult person must have a solid inner conscience and value system. In decision making situations this is what gives guidance, and not actual profit interests.

I have become known to the public as a result of my opposition to the brutal human rights violations at the 50th anniversary of the 1956 Revolution.

The liberal politicians, "intellectuals" and journalists, with few exceptions even today deny that human rights violations took place at that time. They did not admit their responsibility, and they did not apologize for the crimes committed against the Hungarian nation. Therefore, I can't support Jobbik's policy of flirting with those forces. I also can't agree with the political forces that cooperate with one other on the basis of hatred of Viktor Orbán and the Fidesz party. Likewise, I disagree with the EU migration policy and with forces that try to downplay the threats posed by the EU migration policy. I also disagree with those that deny the existence of the Soros plan that aims to take over the country writes MEP Krisztina Morvai.

Since my name has been closely linked to the Jobbik party for the last ten years, I find it necessary to make it clear: I oppose the mentioned policies and Jobbik's role in the process. I consider it necessary to say that I was not involved in any substantive decision making process of the party for at least three years, so I can not take responsibility for what has been happening in the party. I have had some rather "representative" meetings with party leaders and other party members during this period, but I stress I have not been involved in anyway in any decision making process for years writes Morvai.

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Anonymous said...

I always liked Morvai. I think she is making an intelligent decision. Jobbik is obviously not interested in seriously defending the country from mass migration or the Soros plan. They have showed themselves to be interested only in political battles and winning elections. I have no problem with that - after all they are a political party. However, when there exist an obvious threat to the country's national sovereignty because a foreign entity wants to dictate the nation's immigration policies, and when there is also a threat to the very existence of Hungarian people because of those policies, the time is obviously now to at least support the government in their effort to defend the country. This is a threat for the whole country, not just Fidesz. All parties need to recognize that a foreign dictatorship where foreign institutions can dictate migration policies which will lead to the death of the nation and it's sovereignty is the greater threat at the moment. Fidesz can be fought, but Jobbik has done so wrong. Firstly, because they essentially boycotted the migrant quota referendum and then in parliament voted against enshrining the policy into the constitution all because they want to appear like legitimate opposition.

This is a silly game of politics and they're playing it with the future of the country.

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