Society for Krishna Consciousness distributes free food to the needy at Blaha Lujza square in Budapest at Christmas Eve

Monday, December 25, 2017

Photo: MTI

More than 2600 needy people were fed by the Society for Krishna Consciousness at Christmas Eve in Budapest.

The handout included canned food, sugar, cooking oil, candy and fruit. Those who showed up also received hot meal, which included "székelykáposzta" (cabbage) with lots of sour cream and Indian pudding.

"Sacrifice, charity, and penance are never to be given up; they must be performed by all intelligent men. They are purifying even for the great souls.

All these activities must be performed without any expectation of result. They should be performed as a matter of duty...That is my final opinion." - Lord Krishna

Photo: MTI

Photo: © Fülöp Máté /

Photo: © Fülöp Máté /



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