"TÁRIH-I ÜNGÜRÜSZ" - Hungarian "ősgeszta" - was introduced to the public

Thursday, December 21, 2017

"TÁRIH-I ÜNGÜRÜSZ" - Hungarian "ősgeszta" (the origin of Hungarians) - was introduced to the public on Wednesday, December 20, 2017 at 6 o'clock, at the headquarters of the World Federation of Hungarians in Budapest by Atilla Grandpierre.

"TÁRIH-I ÜNGÜRÜSZ" was written before 907 AD in Hungarian, probably in runic script. Under the rule of St. Stephen, it was translated to Latin to save it to posterity; it was kept in a Secret Department of the Royal Library locked away from the public for centuries.

In 1543, Ottoman forces occupied Székesfehérvár where the "ősgeszta" was held, then it was translated to Turkish by the Sultan's interpreter.

After, the epic work of ancient Hungarian history was taken to Turkey and locked away from the Hungarian public for several centuries; in 1860 Ármin Vámbéry discovered it in a Constantinople Library and brought it home entrusting it to the care of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

However, shadowy forces that didn't want Hungarians to learn their true history have kept the work under lock for 120 years.

They reluctantly released the work when it become known that enthusiastic Hungarians borrowed the copy of the Turkish-language manuscript and started translating it to Hungarian.

After Endre K. Grandpierre wrote several studies about the work, these very same forces could not sabotage the release of the work anymore and they released a heavily edited falsified version of it.

The original, so far unpublished manuscript appears in this current volume for the first time with an introductory essay written by Atilla Grandpierre and with commentaries authored by Endre K. Grandpierre.

The research conducted by these authors restores the legacy of the prehistory of Hungarians as described in this ancient chronicle.

The "TÁRIH-I ÜNGÜRÜSZ" is the most important work written on ancient Hungarian history. The publication of this book can make an effective contribution to the spiritual revival of the nation.


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