The brother of legendary rebel leader Gergely Pongrátz criticized Jobbik President Gábor Vona

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

András Pongrátz, the brother of legendary rebel leader of the 1956 uprising Gergely Pongrátz criticized Jobbik President Gábor Vona for flirting with the liberal opposition and former communists in order to win next year's general election; earlier, Vona hinted that an election coalition with some of the anti-Hungarian forces (LMP, Momentum) is not out of the question.

András Pongrátz sent a letter to PestiSrá severely criticizing the head of Jobbik that abandoned the original policy of the party converting it into an all dressed pizza.

He wrote: "My brother Gergely would be turning in his grave to see Vona's current policies" adding that he was completely disillusioned with the Jobbik party that he supported before just like his brother.

András Pongrátz emphasized that his brother Gergely would never approve Jobbik's policy of forming an election coalition with the former communists.

In the letter he also asked Vona to remove his brother's photo from the wall of his office. The photo should not be displayed at Jobbik's headquarters until characters like Vona lead the party.

(Note: Earlier, MEP Krisztina Morvai announced that she won't run as a party candidate for EP election in 2019 because she disagreed with the idea of forming an election coalition with forces promoting globalist agenda in Hungary. These forces endorse multicultural societies, illegal immigration, parallel societies and no go zones that are already reality in most western European countries. Former member of parliament Tamás Gaudi-Nagy is also very critical of Vona's policy of turning the party into a liberal-leaning organization. The globalist opposition hate so much Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's independent policy course that they even willing to form an election coalition with the Jobbik party - that they have demonized since its conception - just to torpedo the prime minister's patriotic policies. Recently, liberal Jews like Philosopher Agnes Heller and many others have taken the view that the globalist opposition should form an election coalition with the Jobbik party because otherwise, Fidesz couldn't be defeated. This shows how desperate the globalists are and how profound their hatred of the prime minister and his policies of loosening the puppet masters' grip over the country. Recently, Vona and liberal entertainer Henrik Havas - who is accused of sexual harassment by several celebs - have become new best friends, which prompted Havas to write a book about Vona. These are clear signs showing Vona's flawed understanding of his possibilities in terms of transforming the party into a liberal-leaning organization in such a short time. The disgusting thing about this policy shift is the way it is executed. Vona mistakenly believes that by appealing to the basest instincts of the electorate by generating hatred and jealousy among voters, can convince liberal voters to vote for him. We can say for sure that this negative campaign will alienate voters rather than win them over, as Hungarians already lost their post-regime change naivete of the 1990s. With this negative campaign Vona leads his party into an election disaster and his defeat is guaranteed.)


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