Tourists are fascinated by the armored vehicles of the Anti-Terrorism Center

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

The Anti-Terrorism Center deployed several armored vehicles around Christmas markets in downtown Budapest to prevent any unexpected event to happen, although Hungary is one of the safest countries in Europe.

Nobody expected that the armored vehicles will become one of the main attractions of the Christmas fairs; they are especially popular among Asian tourists who visit Hungary in record numbers this year writes

You can see groups of tourist taking pictures in front of these vehicles laughing and having fun.

But even Hungarians praise the security measures taken by the government to ensure nothing disrupts the mood of the peaceful season - shoppers feel much safer seeing officers of the Anti-Terrorism Center patrolling the Christmas markets said several visitors.

As a bonus, the highly visible uniformed officers and the plain-clothed agents scare away common criminals - like pickpockets who are very busy at this time of the year - from the Christmas markets.

Hungarians see the chaos engulfing the decadent west, due to its decision to accept millions of migrants with incompatible cultural background. The ongoing terrorist attacks and the abuse of women by the newcomers in countries like Sweden, Germany, France and in many others clearly registers in the mind of most Hungarians who highly value the government's effort to keep those third world assets out of the country.

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