Turkish folk dance group asked for asylum in Hungary

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

A whole Turkish folk dance group has applied for asylum in Hungary - the Turkish press reported. On Tuesday, several Turkish sources reported that a 16-member folk dance group from Ankara arrived in Hungary at the beginning of November to participate in a festival held between November 5 to 10 in Budapest. But only 5 dancers returned to Turkey, 11 remained in Hungary and applied for asylum.

After the return of the five dancers, Turkish authorities ordered an investigation, which was kept secret; neither the names nor the details of the investigation were disclosed. Newspaper Hürriyet has learned that the dancers are over twenty years old. Turkish authorities are investigating the political affiliation of the group and the dancers' possible past criminal history.

Hungarian authorities have no choice but to conduct an asylum investigation in the case. This is a very delicate issue for Hungary because Turkish-Hungarian relations are excellent and the government wouldn't like to see such incidents to spoil the excellent relations between the two countries.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán visited Ankara this summer and Defence Minister István Szimicskó paid an official visit to Turkey just two weeks ago. This explains why the Hungarian government is unhappy about the incident and why kept quiet about it, if it is indeed happened the way the media suggested it and it was not a provocation by forces shuffling the cards behind the scene.

The Immigration and Asylum Office informed MTI that the media reports are false - members of the Turkish dance group did not apply for asylum in Hungary.

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