Open Society Foundation closes its Budapest office

Thursday, April 19, 2018

George Soros funded Open Society Foundation (OSF) closes its Budapest office wrote Austrian daily Die Presse referring to an announcement of OSF New York Center.

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Budapest Court of Appeal ordered a new trial in György Budaházy's case

Budapest Court of Appeal threw out terrorism conviction against György Budaházy and his co-defendants and ordered a new trial. The decision was acclaimed by the defendants and the audience, reported HírTV.

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Hungary refused to sign an EU document denouncing China's silk road initiative

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Twenty-seven of the 28 national EU ambassadors to Beijing have compiled a report that sharply criticizes China’s “Silk Road” project, denouncing it as designed to hamper free trade and put Chinese companies at an advantage.

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Hungarian man deported from England

Hungarian man kicked out of England because he expressed a negative view on Muslim migrants.

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Former Head of the Hungarian Swimming Federation Tamás Gyárfás has been taken into custody for questioning in connection with the murder of János Fenyő

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Former Head of the Hungarian Swimming Federation and Executive Member of FINA Tamás Gyárfás has been taken into custody for questioning in connection with the murder of a Media Entrepreneur János Fenyő writes PestiSrá

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A hysterical female activist tries to provoke police during Saturday's anti-government protest

Monday, April 16, 2018

A hysterical female activist tries to provoke police during Saturday's anti-government protest by shouting: "Grab my hand" (so that I can run to the corporate media reporting the incident as police violence ed.)

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Morvai Krisztina:  Mi maradjunk a Magyar és a Székely Himnusznál, zászlónál! Avagy: miért ne hallgassuk állva az EU „himnuszát”? (Gondolatok a szombati tüntetés kapcsán)

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Gyomorforgató volt látni a Jobbik vezetőit és az „új-jobbikosokat” együtt vonulni a szemkilövető vezérekkel s a DK, az MSZP illetve az SZDSZ utódpártok tömegeivel az „egyesült ellenzék” szombati tüntetésén - azokon a budapesti utcákon, ahol a mostani pajtások (Gyurcsány, Bajnai) könnygázát szívtuk nyolc éven át a nemzeti ellenállásban.

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The Saturday's demonstration organized by the Soros network rather than independent civil organizations - Antal Rogán

These people can't accept the result of last week's election - said Rogán to Kossuth Radio.

The minister stated that the known suspects were behind the demonstration rather than independent civil organizations and the globalist opposition being manipulated by shadowy forces.

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This is the end of Jobbik as we know it

Friday, April 13, 2018

Former Jobbik President Gabor Vona accepted the invitation of the organizers of the Saturday's anti-government rally and will take part in the event. He also encouraged Jobbik supporters to join him and support the initiative.

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Jobbik calls on its supporters to participate in the globalist sponsored anti-government rally on Saturday

Unable to digest its election defeat, Jobbik called on its members and supporters to participate in Saturday's anti-government rally organized by supporters of the left-liberal parties with close cooperation with Soros funded NGOs.

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Picture of the day: An injured eagle is operated on in Hortobágy Bird Hospital

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Veterinarian János Déri (left) and Italian volunteer Veterinary Surgeon Antonio Siracusa operate on an injured eagle at Hortobágy Bird Hospital on April 12, 2018.

The bird has been shot by a poacher and has broken wing bones. The nature conservation and ideological value of the highly protected predatory bird in Hungary is one million forints. Photo: Zsolt Czeglédi / MTI

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New government, new structure, new cabinet members

There will be a new form of government, mostly with a new structure and mostly with new players as the government has to respond to the challenges of migration and the need to protect Hungary’s national sovereignty, Antal Rogán, the Minister heading the Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister told the public service television news channel M1 on Wednesday.

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Jobbik Presidency called on Krisztina Morvai to give back her EP mandate

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

The national leadership of the Jobbik party called on Krisztina Morvai to give back her EP mandate.

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Entire leadership of Jobbik should step down, says deputy leader

Upon the resignation of Jobbik leader Gábor Vona, deputy leader Tamás Sneider has called for the entire leadership of the party to follow suit.

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More Hungarians share Viktor Orban’s anti-immigration stance than just his party supporters’

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban addresses supporters after the announcement of theresults of parliamentary election in Budapest, Hungary, April 8, 2018. © Bernadett Szabo / Reuters

The landslide victory for the party of Hungarian PM Viktor Orban has been criticized within the EU and cheered by Euroskeptics, but most agree that it was his stance on the European migrant crisis that secured the popular support.
The decisive election win for the Fidesz Party was "a surprise," to Gabor Stier, political commentator for the Hungarian Magyar Nemzet newspaper, who says Orban used people's fear of immigrants to secure the win.

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Jobbik President Gabor Vona resigns and gives back his parliamentary mandate

I will resign as the president of the party.

Today, in light of yesterday's election results, I have submitted my resignation as I promised, which was accepted by the Jobbik Presidency. In the near future, Jobbik will convene a congress to elect a new president - I will not run for president. I also signalled to the Presidency that I will give back my parliamentary mandate.

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PM Orbán: Landslide victory proves people want honest and clear speech and to highlight migration problem plaguing Europe

Monday, April 9, 2018

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán echoed his victory sentiments on television this morning and highlighted how the election has shone a light on the migration problem plaguing Europe.

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Picture of the day: PM Viktor Orbán celebrates his election victory with his son and daughters

PM Viktor Orbán celebrates his election victory with his son and daughters.

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Jean-Claude Juncker and Viktor Orbán will talk by the phone on Tuesday

President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker will call Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on Tuesday to discuss important matters of public interest and current affairs - said Spokesman of the European Commission Margaritis Schinas in response to a question at a press-conference in Brussels on Monday.

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Merkel to work with Orban despite differences on migration: spokesman

BERLIN (Reuters) - German Chancellor Angela Merkel has congratulated Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban on his election victory, a German government spokesman said on Monday, adding that she would work with his new government despite differences on migration.

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Hungary PM Orban declares victory as ruling party projected to take 67% of parliament seats

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Viktor Orban has claimed a decisive victory and is set for a third term as Hungarian prime minister, after preliminary results show his Fidesz party taking an overwhelming majority of at least 134 seats in the 199-seat parliament.

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Hungarians cast their votes in London - there is a huge lineup in front of the Concert Hall of the Westminster Cathedral [Updated]

There is a huge lineup in London in front of the Concert Hall of the Westminster Cathedral rented by the Hungarian embassy - some 10,000 Hungarians expected to cast their votes in London.

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We face a watershed election

Saturday, April 7, 2018

In front of Székesfehérvár City Hall on Friday, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said that in the coming election Hungarians must choose between two futures: one offered by the candidates of George Soros; and the other represented by the candidates of Fidesz and the Christian Democrats. The Hungarians, he said, have one homeland, and they have no other – but there are those who want to take their country from them. Migrants would have to be provided for by Hungarians.

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Tamás Gaudi-Nagy: Those who vote for Jobbik, help globalist and pro-migration forces coming to power

It must be made crystal clear that those who vote for Jobbik in its current state, help globalist forces coming to power and aid the suppression, and enslavement of Hungarians in their own country, said former Jobbik Member of Parliament Tamás Gaudi-Nagy at a conference on the future on radicalism in Hungary.

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Election 2018 - Preliminary results will be available around midnight on Sunday

Sunday late evening - after 11 pm - the first preliminary results of the 2018 parliamentary elections will be probably available, according to the Head of the National Election Office (NVI) Ilona Pálffy.

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Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's thoughts on the election campaign

I feel as if this election campaign would be a celebration when one meets old friends and acquaintances...

I do not know how the other prime ministerial candidates feel about it, but for me the election campaign is one of the most beautiful parts of politics. One receives so much love and encouragement... Those who attend the campaign events love to meet each other, even if they have never met before. They speak the same language, and chat about the same topics - what is important to them in life said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

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The goal of the Hungarians and the Poles is to preserve Central Europe as national and Christian

Friday, April 6, 2018

In Budapest on Friday, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán gave a speech at the unveiling of a memorial to the former Polish president Lech Kaczyński and the other victims of the Smolensk tragedy in 2010. The Prime Minister said that the Hungarians and Poles share a common path and a common struggle: their goal is to build and defend their homeland of Central Europe as national and Christian.

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Seventy-nine illegal immigrants have been found in a Serbian truck at Ártánd border crossing

Police officers found 79 illegal migrants in a Serbian truck Friday morning at Ártánd border crossing at the Hungarian - Romanian border reported the press officer of the Hajdú-Bihar County Police Headquarters.

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Forecasts call for sun and highs of 19 degrees celsius on election day

Thursday, April 5, 2018

The sun is set to shine over Sunday's general election day, reaching 19 degress celsius at its peak.

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One bad decision would be enough, and Budapest would become unrecognisable

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Photo: Gergely Botár/

In Budapest on Wednesday, at the inauguration of Ludovika University Campus of the National University of Public Service (NUPS), Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said that today the Hungarian capital is one of the world’s safest cities, but “one bad decision, one misguided choice would be enough to render Budapest unrecognisable”.

The Prime Minister said that “It is good to live here [in Budapest], to raise children here, and to know that our families are safe. This is no longer the case in the cities of immigrant countries. On 8 April [in the parliamentary election] the people of Budapest will decide on this.”

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People Fleeing Western Europe Because of Muslim Migration

Written by Selwyn Duke

One is a Christian migrant who returned to Syria because he found Austria more dangerous. Another is a Croatian man who grew up in Sweden but recently moved to Poland with his wife and kids, saying he doesn’t “recognise the country [he] grew up in anymore.” Yet another, also a part of what has been called the “Swedish Diaspora,” is a woman who moved to Hungary because, she says, “There is no safety at all” in Sweden. They’re all part of the secondary migration caused by Muslim migration.

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The Soros network is already looking for houses for the resettlement of migrants

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

"All signs point to the fact that the Soros network is already looking for houses for the resettlement of migrants”
. Minister of State for Government Communication Bence Tuzson said at a press conference on Tuesday.

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Ha kormányunkat leváltják, akkor kitehetjük a határainkra, akár rovásírással is: Elmegyógyintézet

Monday, April 2, 2018

Purisaca Golenya Ágnes író, Peru, inka, Tayos barlang és magyarságkutató gondolatai 2018. április 8-ról

“Soha nem politizálok, még magamban sem, mert undorodom bármilyen politikai eszmétől, mert egy elmeprogram, és ezt megírtam finoman és kulturáltan könyveimben…

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PM Viktor Orbán sprinkles his granddaughter at Easter Monday

The video shows Prime Minister Viktor Orbán sprinkling his  granddaughter at Easter Monday following the age old  Hungarian tradition. He recited a short sprinkling rhyme and as a result, he received an Easter egg from his  granddaughter.

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The stake is huge. On April 8, we decide whether Hungary will remain a "Magyar" country or become an immigrant country. We need to protect our Christian heritage and preserve our country the way we love it. This election will decide on the future of our children and grandchildren. A blunder can be made only once. If the floodgates open, nothing can stop the deluge anymore.


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Cold War had some rules, now UK & US have dropped all proprieties – Russian FM

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. © Maksim Blinov / Sputnik

Russia’s top diplomat has lashed out at UK and US rhetoric against Moscow over the poisoning of former double agent Sergei Skripal, saying it’s worse now than it was during the Cold War.

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Cooking With Hungarian PM Viktor Orban! 01.04.2018

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán unveils the secret of the best Easter ham recipe.

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Picture of the day: The best political ad of the year - Fidesz ad poster

Saturday, March 31, 2018

What future do you envision yourself in the coming years?

Read more! Hungary approximately two thousand paid people are working in order to bring down the Government

Friday, March 30, 2018

The Prime Minister has asked voters in Hungary’s general election on 8 April to not only think of the present, but also of the future, because they will not only be deciding on a government and a parliament, but Hungary will also be choosing a future for itself.

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In Five Years Euro Will Become a Thing of the Past – German Financial Analyst

The European single currency project is doomed to failure, German financial analyst Marc Friedrich told Sputnik. While IMF boss Christine Lagarde is insisting on the Eurozone's further economic integration, Brussels' real objective is to tighten control over the EU member-states, which amounts to nothing short of a dictatorship, he opined.

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MEP Krisztina Morvai: Gábor Vona is  a weak character;  he is interested only in seizing power

MEP Krisztina Morvai, an independent member of the European Parliament, is quite sure that Jobbik and the left wing parties including former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány eventually form an electoral alliance.

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MoD István Simicskó hands over twelve newly acquired Polaris MRZR-4 ultralight tactical vehicles to the Bertalan Árpád Special Forces Brigade

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Minister of Defense István Simicskó and Chief of Defense of Staff Tibor Benkő, handed over twelve newly acqured Polaris MRZR-4 ultralight tactical vehicles at József Kiss helicopter base in Szolnok to the Bertalan Árpád Special Forces Brigade. Photos: MTI

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Yann Valerie francia újságíró nyílt levele „Visegrád Európája” vezetőihez és népeihez

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Ez egyszerre levél és segítségkérés egy európaitól Visegrád Európája vezetőihez és népeihez

34 éves breton vagyok, francia állampolgár és független újságíró a szakmám. Ezt a segítségkérést számos nyugat-európai polgár nevében írom, akik naponta látják, hogy országok, térségek mélyen átalakulnak úgy, hogy hamarosan és kétségtelenül azok már ne emlékeztessenek azon nemzetekre, amelyek az európai civilizációt alkotják, amelyekhez mindannyian tartozunk.

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Swedish parliamentarian Kent Ekeroth plans to move to Hungary.

Swedish parliamentarian Kent Ekeroth will be moving to Hungary in the fall.

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Olympic, world and European champion Dániel Gyurta announces retirement from swimming

One of Hungary’s best swimmers has announced his retirement from the sport.

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Moscow will respond appropriately to the expulsion of Russian diplomats from the western countries

Moscow will not tolerate the brazenness of Western countries and will answer to the expulsion of its diplomats from the EU and many other countries around the world, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Tuesday in Tashkent to the TASS news agency.

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Musical about Trianon - the partition of Hungary after the first world war

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Two years ago, in June 2016, "Itt élned, halnod kell" rock opera was premiered at Heroes square directed by Gábor Koltay. In the same place a new historical musical called "Trianon" will be performed on June 22 and 23. The songwriter of the musical is the leader of the Kormoran Rock Band Gergely Koltay.

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President of Hódmezővásárhely Jewish organization (MAZSIHISZ) supporting Jobbik candidate in the April parliamentary elections

Monday, March 26, 2018

The Association of Hungarian Jewish Communities (MAZSIHISZ) has previously stated that it was keeping away from the election campaign, but obviously this is not the case.

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Krisztina Morvai's message from the EU parliament to Hungarians before the April 8 parliamentary elections

We, Hungarians, have once again received a message from the European Union about our obligations regarding mass immigration. A clear instruction this time came from Frank Engel on the report on fundamental rights in the European Union Morvai writes.

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Swimmer Katinka Hosszú and her husband Shane Tusup attending marriage counseling

Sunday, March 25, 2018

The idea of getting help from a specialist came from Katinka who studied psychology in the United States where she met her husband and coach Shane Tusup.

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Jobbik's nationalist image is just a smokescreen

Friday, March 23, 2018

"These boys did not abandon their previous policies because they re-evaluated them, but they lied when they defined themselves as radicals at the first place," says MEP Krisztina Morvai.

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MEP Krisztina Morvai's response to German MEP Thomas Mann's praise of mass migration

Thursday, March 22, 2018

There is tremendous excitement in Brussels: pro-migrant interest groups try to force Hungary on its knees and flood our country with migrants from Africa and the Middle East, according to the plan of "Open Society Institute" writes MEP Krisztina Morvai.

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OSCE observers monitoring the situation in Beregszász amid growing tension in the region

Observers of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) visited the Mayor of Beregszasz Zoltán Babják and requested information about the vandalization of Hungarian owned cars in the past few days and the plan by the Ukrainian defence ministry to deploy military units in the ethnic Hungarian populated city.

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Why we don’t respect the West anymore (MUST READ!)

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

by Margarita Simonyan, editor-in-chief of RT TV channel and MIA “Russia today”

translated by Scott


Essentially, the West should be horrified not because 76% of Russians voted for Putin, but because this elections have demonstrated that 95% of Russia’s population supports conservative-patriotic, communist and nationalist ideas. That means that liberal ideas are barely surviving among measly 5% of population.

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Ukraine is about to deploy 800-1000 troops in the ethnic Hungarian town of Beregszász

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Ukraine is sovereign country and has the right to deploy troops in any of its regions - said Ukrainian Foriegn Ministry Spokesperson Marjana Beca in Kiev.

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Founder of O.Z.O.R.A. Psychedelic Music Festival Daniel Zimanyi passed away

Monday, March 19, 2018

"An era has come to an end. O.Z.O.R.A. Festival producer, owner of the festival grounds, humble farmer, nomadic shepherd and above all, farseeing visionary, Daniel Zimanyi unexpectedly passed away on Saturday, March 17th."

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Natalie Contessa is under 24-hour protection after receiving death threats

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Natalie Contessa received death threats, her address made public, and her community site was hacked after she gave an exclusive interview to M1 TV about the Swedish refugee situation. She is now under 24-hour protection by former special operation soldiers.

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This is our country, and we shall fight for it to the end - PM Viktor Orbán's historic speech at the national holiday

Friday, March 16, 2018

On Thursday Prime Minister Viktor Orbán gave a speech outside the Parliament Building in Kossuth tér, Budapest at the public commemoration marking the 170th anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution of 1848. In it he said that “This is our homeland, this is our life, and we have no other. Therefore we shall fight for it to the end and we shall never surrender”.

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Former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany proposed the formation of a Satanic alliance - invited Jobbik to join the party

Former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany and Prime Ministerial Aspirant - a political non-entity - Gergely Karácsony called on the leaders of the socialist party, LMP and Jobbik to run joint candidates in the spring's parliamentary elections three weeks from now.

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Shadowy forces tried to disrupt the national holiday celebrations by organising a student protest

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Shadowy forces tried to disrupt the national holiday celebrations by organising a student protest coinciding with the prime minister's speech at the parliament building.

Globalist agitators infiltrated into the crowd trying to incite anti-government riot near the National Museum reported the Hungarian media.

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Orbán Viktor beszéde - 2018. március 15.

2018. március 15-én ünnepi műsort rendeztek az 1848/49-es forradalom és szabadságharc emlékére a Kossuth téren. Az ünnepségen Orbán Viktor, Magyarország miniszterelnöke is felszólalt.

Despite the cold, windy and rainy weather today's peace march - or more precisely pro-government rally - was the biggest ever. More than one hundred thousand people attended the rally.

According to experts, this strong showing due to the fact that people feel that the years ahead hold tremendous dangers and only a strong, experienced, and patriotic government can defend the country from mass migration that already devastated western Europe.

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Orwellian style censorship on Facebook

According to several experts, Facebook is censoring videos on political grounds interfering with the Hungarian election campaign.

M1 TV asked experts' opinion about the issue of censorship on Facebook because Wednesday morning the social site removed an interview with Natalie Contessa af Sandeberg, who had moved to Hungary from Sweden to escape migrant violence, from its website. The video got one million views in three days, before it was removed from Facebook.

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