Blaxit blog lists Budapest as a potential destination spot for emigrating African Americans

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

The website defines the meaning of the term Blaxit as follows: "Being where we are appreciated," and "Returning to our ancestral home"

The blog promotes the return of African Americans to their ancestral home from where they were shipped to the new world as slaves where they "never be treated fairly."

The story gets more interesting at the list of destinations section under the title of "Returning to our ancestral home" where the author of the blog names Budapest as a potential target city for African Americans planning to leave the US.

The author(s) of the website list several countries and cities in Africa as preferred destinations for emigrating blacks; and surprisingly, Budapest is one of the cities on the list.

If you scroll down till the middle of the page, right after Lagos, you will find Budapest.

This is more than interesting because Hungary has never been the ancestral homeland of African Americans.

This curious piece of news has been published by Journalist István Lovas on his blog.



Anonymous said...

Kitten, did you read the article under the ad for living in Budapest? If not, do it. Bye.

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