Foreign funded NGOs failed to mobilize students

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Forces working behind the scenes in close cooperation with the liberal opposition organized the Friday's student demonstration, which was a resounding failure.

There are evidence that organizers of the anti-government protest brought in students from abroad to boost the number of demonstrators at the Parliament building desperately trying to cover up the fact that the overwhelming majority of Hungarian students are not interested in the liberal opposition's dirty games.

The obvious aim of the demonstration was to manipulate public opinion less than three months before the spring's parliamentary elections. The event was advertized as potentially one of the largest anti-government protest in recent years.

Organizers expected ten thousand people to take part in the protest but only about 1500 people showed up and even a portion of those it seems, were foreigners. Those who took part in the protest noted that half of the small crowd made up by adults.

The dismal failure of the liberal opposition to mobilize students and young people in general is more than obvious if we take into account the fact that liberal agents have been agitating student for years trying to stir up anti-government sentiment among the student population by the help of indroctinated teachers acting as agents for forces hate the independent policies of the Hungarian government.

On Friday afternoon just before the demonstration started a group of about 15 young foreigners were spotted in Dísz Square heading for the demonstration site. They were instructed by a female guide who seemed to be their handler who spoke English to them reported

The guide talked to the youngsters about the importance of joining forces with their Hungarian peers and fighting for their rights together; she told them that in Hungary only students of private universities supported by foreign organizations have those rights.

After the brief ideological indoctrination the youngsters left for the demonstration site without their guide, who didn't accompany them probably for fear of getting exposed.

The fact that organizers shipped in students from abroad to boost the number of protesters indicating that despite the intense ad campaign launched weeks before the event, the plotters did not really believe that they could mobilize enough students to turn the demonstration into a major anti-government protest.

The original aim of the event was to make a dent on the government's popularity less than three months before the spring's parliamentary elections.

Most probably protest organizer enticed the foreigners by promising them a few days of free holiday on condition they take part in the anti-government protest.

It is likely, that more foreigners took part in the Friday's protest as only a tiny segment of Hungarian students interested in the demonstration organized by foreign funded NGOs.

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