Hungary withdraws from the UN negotiating series on migration if there is no positive change in the next draft of the migration package - FM Péter Szijjártó

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

If won't be any change in the first draft of the UN migration package in a positive direction, Hungary withdraws from the negotiating process - said Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó on Wednesday in Budapest.

Szijjártó was instructed by the government to look into the first draft of the package and if it turns out to be a pro-migrant proposal, as it was announced by the UN Secretary-General earlier, exit from the negotiations.

The New York Declaration and the Secretary-General's statement contrast with Hungary's position on mass migration because they describe migration as a beneficial and unstoppable phenomenon.

The declaration is talking about widening migration opportunities worldwide, instead of stopping it.

The Secretary-General's statement talks about the relaxation of administrative restrictions for migrants, which is in fact, another stimulating factor for those who are thinking about living their countries; the proposal is also aimed at suspending national migration policies explained Szijjártó.

The foreign minister took the view that the declaration also targeting countries not affected by mass migration so far, which makes the elimination of the problem even more difficult.

The proposal also calls for the suspension of the criminalization of illegal border crossings - in other words, it questions the right of nation states to defend their borders and their sovereignty.

Furthermore, the UN proposal seeks to establish mass migration as a fundamental human right, which is unacceptable said Szijjártó adding that the proposal doesn't address the root causes of mass migration.

Regarding the vote on the proposal the foreign minister had this to say: if Hungary leaves the negotiations it can not participate in the vote - if a country quits the negotiating series, it quits all its elements. On the other hand, if the outcome of the vote announced before the beginning of a negotiating process what is the purpose of voting? asked Szijjártó.

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