Lead Singer of "Karpátia" Rock Band János Petrás banned from perfoming in Romania for 3 years

Friday, January 5, 2018

A Romanian court banned the Lead Singer of "Karpátia" Rock Band János Petrás from performing in Romania for 3 years and ordered him to pay a fine of 9,000 lei (630,000 forints) reported by Csíki Hírlap on Thursday.

According to an extract from the court ruling, the singer is guilty of endorsing persons, who are responsible for promoting fascist, racist, xenophobic ideas, in front of a large audience.

The ruling specifies that János Petrás committed the offence during a concert in Csíkszereda on June 6, 2014 in front of a large audience; the singer sang songs that aroused anti-Romanian feelings, promoted intolerance and encouraged physical violence against Romanians.

According to the ruling, the lyrics of the songs promoted separatism, questioned the validity of the Trianon Peace Treaty and called for armed struggle to retake Erdély by following the Russian model of annexing Crimea.

The defendant released as statement stressing that all Hungarians have the right to comment on the Trianon Peace Treaty. Regarding the lyrics of the songs, they only exalt the heroic deeds of Hungarian soldiers said the musician. Petrás believes that the lost territories could be recovered by peaceful means, and the reference to armed struggle has only metaphorical meaning.

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