Retired Heart Surgeon Dr. Lajos Papp: millions will die because of a lie

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

"We doctors have a fairly large ego, and we have a hard time to admit if we are wrong, because of the training, the accumulation of knowledge, and power we have. I now admit to everyone that I was mistaken."

I've been sharing the views of other prominent doctors for years. The literature promotes the opinion of decision makers according to which all heart disease is a consequence of increased cholesterol level in the body, and the accepted therapy is prescription of cholesterol lowering drugs and prescribed diet that strictly restrict the intake of fat. Every contrary opinion is considered a sham.

But it turned out that the root cause of heart disease is the inflammation of artery walls. The results of traditional dietary recommendations are epidemic obesity and diabetes, which cause the death of many people despite the fact that a quarter of the population is taking expensive cholesterol-lowering statin drugs and eating low fat diet - more Americans will die in heart disease this year than ever before.

Millions of people are suffering from heart disease, and diabetes and millions are in pre-diabete state worldwide. More and more young people get sick every year.

Simply put, if the wall of arteries are not swollen, cholesterol can't accumulate in the blood vessels, and as a result, there is no heart attack and no stroke. Without inflammation, cholesterol is free to flow and gets emptied from the body. This inflammation causes cholesterol to accumulate in the body. Inflammation is the natural defense of the body to foreign matter in the system.

If toxins and toxic foods are permanently present in the body they cause chronic inflammation. This is due to many processed, unhealthy foods and the environment. These foods continually irritate the body, which as a result, unable to heal causing chronic inflammation, heart disease and stroke.

If we were eating healthy food, home-made foods, and we would avoid cooking oil, sugar, flour and corn products, the body would heal itself. But if we continue to poison the blood vessels, despite the drugs and low fat diets the increase of heart disease is inevitable.



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