The "Honfoglalás" memorial is the largest bird statue in Europe

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Our country has a few Guinness records as well, among them the "Honfoglalás" (Conquest) monument - which is Europe's largest bird statue erected as part of the Millennium Celebration in 1896. It depicts the "Turul", which was the totemic bird of ancient Hungarians.

The monument is located on the Gerecse hill on a 100 meters snow-white limestone cliff above the Tatabánya section of the M1 motorway.

The distance between the extended wings of the bird is somewhat more than 15 meters. The head of the bird is decorated by the stylized and gilded replica of the Holy Crown; the bird stands on a 14 meter long sword symbolizing Prince Árpád's most feared weapon.

With all these imposing features, Tatabánya bird statue is the largest on the continent.

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