The Hungarian Defence Force needs 40 new helicopters

Saturday, January 13, 2018

The Hungarian Defense Forces plan to buy 40 new helicopters in the coming years said the Chief of Staff of the Hungarian Defense Forces Tibor Benkő to InfoRádió, adding that the twelve Russian made Mi-24 helicopters currently undergoing comprehensive modernization in Russia will be in service until 2025.

The Hungarian Defense Forces have already purchased two transport planes, which will be in service this spring. The aircraft are capable of carrying military personnel and their individual equipment, as well as smaller supplies; they will also be equipped with capabilities to carry out air rescue missions.

But we need larger aircraft as well, which is capable of carrying large military supplies and equipment and fitted with aerial refuelling capability said the chief of staff.

The overhauled Russian made combat helicopters will be in service until 2025; after that the Hungarian Defence Forces have to acquire new ones that can be used for training and combat missions, as well as transportation of cargo and troops.

The Hungarian Army needs about 40 new helicopters according to current calculations said Tibor Benkő. The army will define the parameters and capabilities of the new helicopters; the type, the brand, and the cost of them are decided by the government - he added.

Hungary is not obliged to buy military equipment exclusively from NATO member states; for every NATO country the existence of the desired capabilities is the primary consideration when acquire new equipment the chief of staff said.

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