The last member of "The Boys of Temerin" István Máriás has been released from a Serbian jail

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

After serving more than 13 years in a Serbian jail for a brawl, the last member of the group known as "The Boys of Temerin", István Máriás was released from jail on December 26, 2017.

On June 26, 2004, due to a market place incident, Serbian police arrested Márias and his four friends and charged them with assaulting a Serbian drug dealer.

In the same year, a Serbian kangaroo court sentenced the five youngsters to 61 years in prison for beating up a Serbian criminal who started the fight by insulting the youngsters' girlfriends. Márias, who was 21 years old then, received the longest sentence, he was sentenced to 15 years in prison by the District Court of Novi Sad.

Máriás was released from jail under an amnesty law one and a half years earlier on December 26, 2017.

In an interview with DélHír Máriás said: being a free man after 13 years in prison was a weird experience.

He hardly recognised his hometown Temerin, as everything, including the streets and even his home seemed smaller than he remembered - it seemed as if the town would have shrunk.

As a free man, he is spending most of his time getting his official papers and his drivers licence back; he is also looking for a job, either at home or somewhere else, perhaps even abroad to earn some money.

For the occasion, he received a present - a puppy - from his brother.

Máriás, who is 34 years-old now, talked openly about his prison years and the incident that landed him in jail.

"I tell you if I were in a position like in 2004 I would not do differently. I did not tolerate back then and I wouldn't tolerate today, if somebody insulted my Hungarian mother."

Regarding the fight Máriás had this to say: the Serbian criminal came to us half-naked, and started jumping in front of young girls who just graduated from grade eight. In my view, we would have been guilty if we hadn't done anything about it. We did not have problem with being convicted, but with the length of the sentence - 61 years; I was sentenced to 15 years he said.

The stiff sentence was a warning to the entire Hungarian community in Serbia - don't try to oppose the rule of the Serbs in your homeland.

Máriás don't forget the cowardly leader of the Hungarian Association of Vojvodina József Kasza, who not only did not stand by them, but even demanded the imposition of the strictest possible punishment for the five young men. We served our sentences among war criminals and repeat offender murderers while we were convicted for a street fight - just because we were Hungarians.

In the jail, István acquired a permanent lung disease. This bad news was reinforced by his father's death; he asked prison authorities to let him attend the funeral, but his request was rejected.

"There were people who helped us during the long prison years. Many, really many people, I can't list them all but among them, was the lead singer of the "Kárpátia" rock band, János Petrás; Jobbik supporters and Hungarian football fans also helped us. I received a letter even from Mongolia, but I could not read it," he says with a smile.

Referring to the prison conditions, István said: in the first few months, there were conflicts because the prison population knew why we were in jail. There were some fights at the beginning, but later, the situation got normalized; despite that, I spent more than seven months in isolation this year alone.

Now, that all five "boys" are out of jail, we can conclude that their punishment was a message to the entire Hungarian community in Voivodina.

"It is over now, let's close this chapter of our lives," said István at the door of his house in Temerin, where he returned after thirteen and half years in prison.

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