Ethnic Hungarian athlete was humiliated in Temesvár, Romania for not speaking "good-enough" Romanian

Friday, February 16, 2018

A chauvinist incident took place last weekend in Temesvár, Romania reported The "Nagy Mózes" Sports Club U19 Women's Basketball Team visited the city to play in the national championship semi-finals. However, it turned out that some players didn't have medical permit required by the law to participate in the sporting event, so they had to obtain the required documents from a local health institution.

"The cardiologist of the health facility has humiliated one of my students because the 12-year-old girl did not speak good enough Romanian," said the coach.

In addition, the doctor wrote on the back of her medical permit: "A child who does not speak Romanian shouldn't travel with her team".

According to the coach, the humiliations continued in the hotel as well, where hotel employees scolded the children for not speaking fluently in Romanian.

It is beyond belief that an incident like this could happen in a city that has a multi-ethnic population and located only a stone throw away from the Hungarian border said the coach.

Politician of the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania Erika Benkő said if the family agrees, a criminal complaint could be filed against the doctor. The politician called on ethnic Hungarians if they suffer similar mistreatment anywhere in the country contact "Mikó Imre" Human Rights Protection Agency that provides free legal service to victims of discrimination.

As it was reported earlier, in February 2016, in a Kolozsvár hospital a similar incident caused an outcry among ethnic Hungarians in Romania. A doctor humiliated an ethnic Hungarian girl because she did not speak well Romanian. The 17-year-old girl from Háromszék took part in a poetry recitation contest and suffered an accident at a pedestrian crossing and had to be hospitalized.

At the Pediatric Hospital in Kolozsvár, she could not speak Hungarian with hospital employees even if they understood Hungarian and the physician on duty ill-treated the young girl for not speaking Romanian.

As a result, a criminal complaint was filed against the doctor, and the hospital was fined 1000 leu.

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