Migrants are trained to lie when entering the European Union illegally

Monday, February 26, 2018

"I have suicidal thoughts" - among other things - this phrase also included in a phrasebook distributed among migrants by Soros funded NGOs. This magic phrase can be a big help to a migrant who intends to stay in Europe because the European Court of Justice is of the opinion that depression alone can be enough to prevent an illegal immigrant from being deported writes

The Refugee Phrasebook, which is published by Open Knowledge Foundation Deutschland (OKFD) that linked to the Soros network includes a collection of useful Arabic and Farsi phrases with their translation in English, German, Hungarian and several Balkan languages.

The booklet can also be downloaded from Open Knowledge Foundation Deutschland website in digital format.

OKFD activists, mainly operate in the Balkan countries, south of Hungary.

The terms have been grouped under various sub-headings. One of them is health care; more than a hundred phrases included in this section including: I was raped, I have vaginal fungal infection, I am bipolar, I have suicidal thoughts or I had sex two days ago, just mentioning a few of the most interesting ones.

Examples of using the various expressions are also given in the booklet:

I was discriminated against because of my skin color
I was discriminated against because of my mother tongue
I was discriminated against because of my religion
I was discriminated against because of belonging to a particular social group
I was discriminated against because of my country of origin, my nationality

The health status of migrants is of great importance in the asylum seeking process, especially since the European Court of Justice ruled last year that an asylum seeker with mental or physical illness can only be deported if the transfer does not cause him additional trauma or deterioration of health.

As an example, last year a pregnant Syrian woman and a man who claimed to be her husband entered Slovenia from Croatia illegally where the couple was captured. At the refugee hearing the couple was represented by a lawyer with links to the Soros network.

He successfully argued that Slovenian authorities can't deport the couple until the woman gave birth to her child; later, he also claimed that the mother was depressed and often thought of suicide, which prevented Slovenian authorities from sending the couple back where they came from.

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