The United Nations would force Hungary to adopt the migration plan of masonic lodges

Sunday, February 18, 2018

The UN Office for Refugees urges Hungary to implement the migration plan that has recently been published by masonic lodges in a joint statement.

On February 16, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) issued a critical statement on the immigration policy of the Hungarian government, calling on Hungary to abolish border control, and allow unrestricted access of migrants into the country; in addition, guarantee the free operation of organizations that openly help migrants coming to Europe - writes extremist liberal news portal

Besides interfering with Hungarian internal affairs, the UN demands the withdrawal of earlier introduced measures by the government aimed at shutting down mass migration.

UNHCR has found that on average every day Hungarian authorities allow only two asylum seekers to enter the country via the two so-called transit zones along the Serbian-Hungarian border. Asylum seekers who are trying to get into the country illegally are automatically returned to the other side of the border - this means that Hungary has virtually closed its borders ... clearly violating international and European Union laws says the statement.

The UN refugee agency's announcement clearly states that it expects Hungary to abolish border control, and allow foreign funded NGOs to freely roam the country and ship migrants into Hungary and other EU countries without restrictions.

UNHCR urges Hungary to observe the rights of migrants seeking international protection and allowed them to enter the country freely, says the press release.

The content of the above statement is essentially the same as the content of the joint statement signed by European masonic lodges in September on mass migration.

In the statement published by the French Médias-Presse, the lodges called on the leaders of the European Union to allow all migrants from the Middle East and Africa to enter the EU without restriction.

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