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Monday, February 26, 2018

The globalist opposition is euphoric over the result of Sunday's mayoral election in Hódmezővásárhely. Independent candidate Péter Zay Márki - supported by the globalist parties - defeated Fidesz candidate Zoltán Hegedűs and became the next mayor of the city.

The question now is how effectively can the globalist opposition exploit this new situation? Can it mobilize that segment of the electorate that is lacking brainpower to understand what is at stake in the spring's parliamentary election.

The globalist opposition didn’t run a candidate of its own because the goal was at the first place to create a situation that can be used later in the election campaign as a propaganda tool.

The globalist opposition desperately try to torpedo the government’s policy of diversifying the country's international relations at a time when humanity is at the threshold of a new era which will outline the future of Europe and of the country in the coming years.

The goal of the globalist opposition is to create a vassal state fully controlled by foreign interest groups and Brussels that is the main driving force behind the globalist agenda of turning Europe into a multi-ethnic continent. The primary objective of the globalist opposition is to flood the country with illegal immigrants, give free ride to globalist NGOs, and destroy christian morality.

The puppet masters who control the opposition parties hate Prime Minister Viktor Orbán because of his vision of the country that foresees a rising nation that breaks with its calamitous past.

The extremist liberal and the extremist right wing media - both are serving the same masters - bombarding the population with fake news and deceptive messages trying to mislead as many voters as they can before the spring's parliamentary elections.

Hungarian leaders in the past duped into believing that strategic thinking had no value. The leaders of the country were brainwashed by foreign "advisers" who in the middle ages wore robes and crosses; as a result, self-sacrifice has become a celebrated policy even when there were other ways to tackle a problem – self-sacrifice is glorified by the puppet masters.

Viktor Orbán is among the very few leaders who has recognized the importance of strategic thinking in international relations by breaking with the self-defeating, ghastly routines of the past - use brainpower, rather than run into a brick wall over and over again and get bruises and bleeding noses for nothing.

There is a segment of the population that is naive like a rock. After the regime change in the 1990s for instance, these simpletons believed that capitalism would be a paradise allowing them to open sidewalk cafes in Vienna - hilarious! Unscrupulous former Bolshevik apparatchiks who survived the regime change, successfully exploited this childish fantasy of the masses to win parliamentary elections; then, they suckered these morons into foreign currency debt for the benefit of their puppet masters.

In 2004, these fools believed if they supported the dual citizenship referendum 23 million Romanians will flood the country and they lose their pension – as a result, they stayed away from the polls and the referendum became invalid.

It is very important therefore, that those voters who still have some sense of sanity get mobilized by understanding what’s at stake in the spring's parliamentary elections and vote accordingly.

After the first world war when Hungary was partitioned by shadowy forces, the country was ruled by the spiritual heirs of the current opposition parties - Mihaly Karolyi and his buddies. They disarmed the army leaving the country defenseless, so helping the neighboring countries to grab as much Hungarian territory as they could. The treachery of the Karolyi gang reverberates today in the policies of globalist opposition that wants to erase Hungarian culture by flooding the country with third world migrants.

The country today has been threatened not by Ottoman forces or Genghis Khan but the invading hordes of third world migrants that could be more devastating for the future of the nation than the invasion of an actual military force.

After the first world war, our country was dismembered due to high treason perpetrated by the spiritual heirs of the current opposition parties masquerading as responsible leaders when if fact they were agents of foreign powers - their policy resulted the single biggest tragedy in the history of the nation. Let this be a warning to all Hungarians!



Stop Discrimination said...

There is nothing to worry about, even if Fidesz still wins by the % in this election, they still win a majority. And most likely they’ll do better. One small town election in which the entire opposition cheated does not yet mean anything. If anything it will get those Fidesz voters that have been complacent to turn out and vote.

Also, Fidesz needs a better social media plan and plan for countering lies and disinformation online. It’s obvious that social media is being used to manipulate voters in the run up to the election, especially YouTube.

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