Former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany proposed the formation of a Satanic alliance - invited Jobbik to join the party

Friday, March 16, 2018

Former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany and Prime Ministerial Aspirant - a political non-entity - Gergely Karácsony called on the leaders of the socialist party, LMP and Jobbik to run joint candidates in the spring's parliamentary elections three weeks from now.

The former prime minister said he was ready to do what he had never done before, he was willing to join forces with Jobbik. There is no electoral cooperation, no common governance; the only issue to be discussed is how "to break down Orban's guilty system" (to create chaos and make the string pullers happy) said Gyurcsany.

We have to discuss how to dismantle all that the Orban government built up in the past eight years (and flood the country with third-world migrants) - there is no need to be tactful, we simply have to come into a common agreement on these issues said the criminal who ordered police to shoot peaceful demonstrators at the national holiday in 2006.

He emphasized: there is no one opposition party can defeat the Fidesz, but the democratic opposition (Satanic alliance) could gather enough support to win the parliamentary elections.

Gyurcsány said the "prospective democratic opposition" has to agree to nominate a single candidate to run against the Fidesz candidate, and all parties have to throw their support behind that candidate.

This is not an option, but a duty said this monster in human form - old grievances and disputes must be put aside he stressed.

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