Gábor Vona's plan to form a pre-electoral coalition with the Socialist party makes Edda Budaházy throw up

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Edda Budaházy, Patriot György Budaházy's sister, criticized Jobbik President Gábor Vona's plan to form a pre-electoral coalition with the LMP.

If the pact goes ahead as planned the Jobbik party will be in bed with the Socialist party as well because currently the LMP negotiating with the Socialist party to run joint candidates in the spring's parliamentary elections.

In 2006, the Socialist party under the leadership of Ferenc Gyurcsany already showed its true colors by ordering police to shoot at peaceful protesters including those who later voted the Jobbik party into parliament.

György Budaházy and many others who imprisoned, tortured and persecuted by the Gyurcsany regime after the 2006 uprising was put down, look at Vona's current pre-electoral machinations as a treachery.

Although on Monday, Dóra Dúró called the news a rumor, on Tuesday, Gábor Vona announced that he was indeed ready to strike a deal with the LMP party led by former Soros activist Bernadett Szél.

"...If Jobbik teams up with LMP and the LMP teams up with the Socialist party, doesn't that mean that Jobbik teams up with the Socialists as well? Can this also be explained? In the meantime, I throw up," writes Edda Budaházy on Facebook.

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(Note:I think, Jobbik's campaign strategy is based on Vona's plan to move Jobbik to the left. Vona may have realized that he had only one way to break out of the radical nationalist box if he appeals to left-wing voters. The Socialist party is on the verge of collapse if not already collapsed, leaving its supporters without a party to vote for. Vona realized that he had a chance to expand into that chaotic vacuum he just had to find the suitable language to solicit that group of voters. The majority of left-wing voters can't be approached by rational reasoning as this segment of society responds only to negative messages, which is due to the fact that the majority of these people socialised during the socialist era being indoctrinated into internationalism under the slogan of "proletariat of the world unite" - that later became a convention and family tradition. This explains Jobbik's first pre-election message: "They steal, you work". This is the kind of language that these twisted minds understand. This massage already foreshadowed Vona's intention to target left-wing voters in the election campaign and possibly join forces with the scattered left-liberal parties that might prompt these voters to forget his "bad" reputation as a former radical right-wing politician. However, it is highly unlikely that this all-dressed pizza coalition can win the election. Whatever will be the outcome of the spring parliamentary elections, one thing seems certain, Vona will take Jobbik to the left of the political spectrum or he might even form a new political party because the name Jobbik is loaded with tons of negative stereotypes that can be an extra burden on Vona's shoulders in his new political adventure expedition. It is not for nothing that several highly respected politicians closely associated with Jobbik (Krisztina Morvai, Tamas Gaudi-Nagy for instance) distanced themselves from the party's new course especially, when it became obvious that Vona was ready to team up with those treacherous forces that persecuted patriotic Hungarians while in power. There is a good chance, that after the May 8 parliamentary elections we will see a completely different political landscape in Hungary. The left - liberal parties likely to disappear from the political arena to make room for forces ready to create chaos, which is one of the primary goals of those behind the scene entities that would like to see Hungary as a vassal state ready to embrace Brussels' immigration policy like most western European states. No wonder that Edda Budaházy wants to throw up.)



Anonymous said...

Vona needs to be removed from party leadership, either by covert or overt actions. He will lead to Jobbik's collapse and also the country's collapse. The real question is who is influencing Vona?

Is is Soros, the Turks, Iranians, Russians, or even Americans now?

There is a lot of questions about who funds Vona and I think it is prudent that the government investigate whether there is foreign influence behind him. I doubt its the Russians in this case. But Soros, maybe even the Turks or others, who want to flood Europe with migrants are behind his latest moves.

HungarianAmbiance said...

For me it will be more interesting to see how fiercely nationalist Jobbik politicians like Marton Gyongyosi, Laszlo Toroczkai, Tamas Sneider and others react to Vona's plan. Will Jobbik break up after the election? It seems likely. I looked up Toroczkai's facebook page; he is very quiet about what's going on in Jobbik. He said he had no intention of running for parliament. By and large Toroczkai doesn't seem very active in the campaign.

This is Toroczkai's latest post:

"Állom a szavam. Nem készülök most a parlamentbe. Tartozom annyival az ásotthalmiaknak, hogy befejezem, amit elkezdtem. A 64. hely természetesen szimbolikus...Steinmetz Ádám mellett befért az első ötbe a Simicska Lajos társaságában lefotózott ügyvéd, Varga-Damm Andrea is."

Some commenters urging Toroczkai, Krisztina Morvai and Tamas Gaudi-Nagy to step forward and take over the party.

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