Jobbik's nationalist image is just a smokescreen

Friday, March 23, 2018

"These boys did not abandon their previous policies because they re-evaluated them, but they lied when they defined themselves as radicals at the first place," says MEP Krisztina Morvai.

"I thought that Jobbik was telling the truth before 2010, but now they admitted that they actually lied," said the MEP.

It is difficult to find words to describe Ádám Mirkóczki's statement he made a few days ago: "Actually, we were not the kind of individuals we had been projecting of ourselves before 2010. Our earlier rhetoric was a lie".

"These boys did not change, they did not give up their previous ideas because they reevaluated them, but they lied when they defined themselves as radicals at the first place." "We thought" - said Morvai - "that they had spoke the truth before 2010, but now they admitted they actually lied back then. In essence, this suggests that they had nothing to do with the ideas that conceived radicalism as a means of liberating our nation, they merely used nationalist rhetoric as a vehicle to advance their careers in politics."

Mirkóczki's words indicate that in the wake of the 2006 events, they exploited people's indignation, shock, passion and the population's need for justice to enter into politics and become politicians because they didn't not have proper civil profession.

Remember, Jobbik was a fringe party with a one and a half percent support in 2008; it came into prominence in 2009 by chanting slogans like "localization without globalization" or "Hungary belongs to Hungarians" added Morvai.

I myself have undertaken the job of representing Jobbik in the European parliament with my fellow compatriots in this sprite - who since have already been removed from the party - and fought for our nation preserving our sovereignty, she remarked.

"But do not forget the positive results; even though some members of Jobbik have only played nationalist politics, many of us worked hard to keep Hungary for Hungarians," said Morvai.

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