Krisztina Morvai's message from the EU parliament to Hungarians before the April 8 parliamentary elections

Monday, March 26, 2018

We, Hungarians, have once again received a message from the European Union about our obligations regarding mass immigration. A clear instruction this time came from Frank Engel on the report on fundamental rights in the European Union Morvai writes.

The most important part of the adopted report says: it is unacceptable that certain member states claim that they are not affected by the phenomenon of mass migration. The EU must promote integration and mass migration in every member states.

The report also stresses the principle of equal treatment and non-discrimination of migrants across the board.

This means that Hungary can't exclude itself from settling migrants on its territory, and on the other hand, migrants entitled the same rights, in housing, health, education, and social assistance as the rest of the population, plus the costs of their integration writes Morvai.

It is very important that every Hungarian clearly understand the meaning of this message before the April elections so that they will not be surprised what will come if the globalist opposition wins!

The report talks a lot about the rights of migrants, the rights of the transgender community, the rights of homosexuals, but there is not one word about terrorism committed by migrants this year writes MEP Krisztina Morvai.

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